We train race horses for many years. In our racing colours and many others were winners named: Via Verdi Kossack(NL), Manga, Ganima, Czar Hun, Moria, Margaret, (obecnie)Ussam de Carrere(FR), Formane, Wielka Damira and many more with great performances. We offer race training at SK Olszany on our own training track filled with deep sand. Before first starts we move horse to Warsaw Race Track in order to get expierience and make an trial start at the green track.

Race horses in training for season 2020:


Aranik 2016 st. chest. by Nougatin(FR) from EH Anysha(DE) by Santhos(DE)

Nami 2016 m. b. by Nougatin(FR) from Nairobi Rose(DK) by Neiron(RU)

Sentinel 2016 st. b. by Nougatin(FR) from Speedy V Kossack(NL) by Abitibi(FR)

Ussam de Carrere(FR) 2008 st. chest. by Njewman(FR) from Assada El Baraka(FR) by Mad Oua(FR)

Arash 2011 st. d. b. by Akim de Ducor(FR) from Almina by Furiat

Cherry Berry 2017 st. chest. by Barak(AE) from Coco K(NL) by Marwan(FR)

Artuditu 2017 st. gr. by Via Verdi Kossack(NL) from Alouette del Sol(FR) by Dormane(FR)

Solange 2017 m. gr. by Madras Kossack(NL) from Saleenaah(DE) by Kauri(DE)

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