We are the stud that connects endurance and flat race prospects in one place. Breeding of race horses is one of our main courses. Every year we try to make something new and unique. Bring some new blood from the outside countries or use something that nobody here did. 


  • Endurance is one from our directions. We select, check health buy(or use from our breeding) and train horses to make them ready for qualifier. You can also choose your own horse and give us for training. 


  • Flat racing is what we love! We do it, we train also for flat but at home and not that many horses. Training and paddock, we prefer this way to make our horses feel better. We train, than compete on some race track and horses are comming back home and run on paddock again!


We use only what is best and avilable for us. Great successes still in front of us, but going really good. Our breeding superstar is the magnificient stallion Nougatin (FR) buthe is not the only one.


We proudly introduce our stallions in use for 2019/2020 year: Madras Kossack (RU)Nougatin (FR)Pougatin Kossack (NL), Haddag Al Khalediah(SA), Ussam de Carrere(FR)


If you like any of our sires feel free to ask about lease posibility and terms!













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