Olszany Stud changes the profile !

 Nowadays world makes us to go stronger in direction of endurance racing than flat racing. This new thought must come to reality because of bad condition of Służewiec Race Track in Warsaw. Price money are lower every season, nobody is doing anything about that. People are not united in solving this problem and we can't wait for disaster that would happen. The only question is "whan" it will happen. 

In our policy endurance became the only real direction with bright future. We have wide expierience and a lot of new contacts. What we know is the fact that all people conected with arab horses are redirecting themselves like we do. Maybe decision came late but still in time. We love racing and can train horses really good. This season we did only few flat races. We started again with endurance already our horse YA Sabah finished this year 2x40km and is qualified for 80km. Some horses from your friends and clients were also qualified by us with success. For 6 starts with 4 horses all races were completed. YA Sabah like we wrote bofore, Astra(polish anglo) 2x40km, Etiopia(polish anglo)1x40km, Parada(polish anglo) 1x40km. 

In winter time we will stay in UAE and srain horses there awaiting for summer in Poland, than we go on with project of building real polish endurance village. We will participate with our horses in various competitions but also we organise our own competitions. We support very strong the field of endurance races.

Cross your fingers for us...


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